Aerostat: "Cool Change"

Here's my Hot Air Balloon, a FireFly 8B, by The Balloon Works...This photo was taken by Gene Galin at the Alamance County Airport in Burlington, NC at the Hospice League Horizons Balloon Festival, 1997

Below are hyperlinks to several different pages I've written
to showcase the talent and artwork of several people
who have greatly contributed to this gallery.
Thanks to all, but in no way am I done! Just click on a name.

"Steve Bond"
"Gene Galin"
"June Morgan Gibbs"
"Peter Gridley"
"Mike Pierry, Jr."
"Kathy Schott"
"Don Trapp"
"Odd Stuff"
"Stuff from Kenya"

NOTE: Additional info about my ballooning are available at
the "Bluner Bill's Home Page" website.

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